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I like my product named as ‘Vector Optics’, why is it changed to ‘VictOptics’ brand?

In the beginning, Vector Optics has always insisted on designing and building high-end optics. As time pass by, Vector Optics introduced some cost-effective products to meet the needs of different customers. However, price gap and quality standard between them makes consumersconfused,and brand position becomes unclear.Therefore, weclassifythecost-effective productsinto a new brand: VictOptics.

What can the VictOptics products do for me?

It was established in Mar 2018 and the brand was registered in Dec 2018.

It delivers the products with practical functions at competitive price.

It provides good-quality optics for the shooting enthusiasts just getting started or with low budget.

How about the VictOptics quality and warranty

They are all designed for real fire calibers, which were produced under the supervision of Vector Optics.

They enjoy 1-Year limited warranty policy.

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