Residential RO Element


This RO element is designed for treatment of water resources containing oxidant substances and high microbe contamination.Working under extra low pressure, it is applicable to water purifying devices for residence, hospital and laboratory.



Design concept to effectively extend the service life; The high-precision diaphragm manufacturing technology can effectively reduce the desalination rate attenuation under the condition of high recovery. The desalination rate reaches a stable state faster, greatly reducing the waiting time.


  • Max Operating Pressure: 600 psi(4.14 MPa)
  • Max Inflow Rate: 75 gpm(17 m3 /h)
  • Max Inflow Temperature: 45 ℃
  • Max Inflow SDI15: 5
  • PH Range in Continuous Operation: 3~10
  • PH Range in Chemical Cleaning: 2~12/1~13
  • Max pressure drop of a single membrane element: 15 psi(0.1 MPa)

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