PVC/TPR Shoe Injection Moulding Machine, SLM-6-01

Designed to produce soles for leisure shoes and sports shoes with PVC/TPR, and slippers as well.


  1. Full automatic computer control, detecting the work state of all parts all the time and show the result on screen.
  2. suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic materials, foaming non-foaming, such as TPR, PVC.
  3. Easy to operate without professional person. Lots of labors and time saved.
  4. Low noise & High speed.
PVC/TPR Shoe Injection Moulding Machine SLM-6-01
Clamping Force 60 tons
Opening Stroke 180mm
Injection Weight 520cm³
Screw Speed 0-140rpm
Productivity 350 pairs/hour
Injection Pressure 50kg/cm²
Mold Number 16/20
Power 20.5Kw
Dimension(D*W*H) 2400*2400*1700mm/

NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.

Product Resource:https://www.starlinkmachinery.com/

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