PVC/TPR Rain Boots Injection Molding Machine, SLM-6-06

PVC/TPR Rain Boots Injection Molding Machine dedicated to the production of single-color variety of highly different male and female boots, rain boots is so far the best and efficient injection molding machine.


  1.  Simple structure ,easy operation and safety.
  2. PLC program control of industrial man-machine interface, display of touch screen, mechanical aids stripping, finished removed easily.
  3. Full working condition ,operating parameters to set directly, adjusted in accordance with the specific parameters of different materials to ensure product quality.
  4. Low-power design ,saving energy

PVC TPR Rain Boots Injection Molding Machine SLM-6-06
Main machine injection capacity 1200g
Diameter of screw 90mm
Auxiliary machine injection capacity 680g
Diameter of auxiliary screw 65mm
Injection measuring accuracy ±1g
Injection pressure of main machine 300kg/cm²
Injection pressure of auxiliary machine 760kg/cm²
Rotate speed of the screw 0-160r/min
Clamping pressure 150tons(main) 75tons ( deputy)
Clamping pressure  20tons
Mold size  380×200×680mm
Power of heating plate  9×2kw
Power of motor  22kw (main) 15kw  (deputy)
Total power  55kw
Material  PVC,TPR

NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.

Product Resource:https://www.starlinkmachinery.com/

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