Mold Repairing Machine K


Model :KX5188-K

Power :220v+/-20% / 50Hz

Output Pulse Frequency :3-30KHz

Power Consumption :50-500W

Instantaneous Max. Output Power Over: 15KW Volume (mm ³) 460mm*230mm*310mm


What is Mold Repairing Machine K Advantages?

High Welding Strength

 -The repairing area can be milled, twisted and so on.

High Repair Accuracy

– Repairing with sheet material without losing the original reference surface, less solder, and easy plastic shaping. The minimum repair amount is 0.03mm, and the maximum repair amount is greater than 0.3mm.

Large Scope of Application

– Expect forcopper, aluminum and other materials with extremely low electrical resistivity, workpieceswhich made of various metal materials can be repaired.

Substrate Damage Is Small

– The heating point is small, sothe substrate willnot be annealed and deformed.

Welding Power Is Stable

– When the power supply voltage fluctuates within ±10%, the machine can still ensure the repair quality is stable.

Large Output Power

– It can weld ф1mm wire during single point welding.

Simple Operation

– It can be operated by general worker.

Convenient Electrical Connection

– Equipped with a strong magnetic connector, the workpiece of any size can be easily connected.

Convenient to Carry

– The whole machine is small in size and light in weight, and the host is only 30kg.


The mold repairing machine is applicable and suitable for repairing workpiece that made of various metal materials such as iron, stainless steel, expect copper, aluminum with extremely low electrical resistivity. With high repairing accuracy, the mold repairing machine is available for repairing with sheet materials without losing the original reference surface. Its repairing range is from minimum 0.03mm to maximum 0.25mm. The substrate damage of mold repairing machine is small as the heating point is small, and the substrate is not annealed and deformed. It is light and portable, easy to operate.



Stainless Steel Iron Plate Mold Repairing Machine KX-5188K
Model KX-5188K
Power 220V+/-20% / 50Hz
Output Pulse Frequency 3-30KHz
Power Consumption 50-500W
Instantaneous Maximum Output Power Over 15KW
Volume(mm³) 460mm*230mm*310mm
Net Weight 30KG
Gross Weight 40KG


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