Application and Feature
JDZ-600 Automatic High Speed Continuous Cartoning Machine is new model which innovation design base on bringing in foreign advanced technology, also strictly according to pharmaceutical industry “GMP “standard to manufacture. With high efficiency, high performance production capacity, leaflet folding and conveying, carton opening and forming, posterior pushing structure and related technology all reach Europe and USA standards; Simple design and posterior continuous pushing structure makes  operation and maintenance more convenient; six equal rotation opening carton and under twice pre-forming device to ensure that carton open and form completely


This model is automatic high speed continuous cartoning machine which is high performance product incorporates pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic, each main mechanism is individually controlled by one or two sets of servos, and customer just change the data on the touch screen can do the adjustment for different size product,without manually adjustment,fully realiziing automation. It is suitable for automatic inserting ALU-PVC blister, bottle, soft tube, soft AL/AL strips and pouch into carton, also can link to matching machine to form production line.



1. No product no suck leaflet, no leaflet no suck carton
2. No suck leaflet continuous many times, machine automatic stop.
3. Compress air and vacuum negative pressure too low, machine stop with alarm
4. Posterior pusher can save more space and make operating and maintain more convenient.
5. Just to change the parameter on the screen can adjust the different product.
6. Lower noise than other high speed cartoning machine.
7. Leaflet folding device is GUK 2000.
8. Electrical and pneumatic components are famous international brand
9. Automatic display speed, fault alarm and counter on touch screen


Main technical parameters
Encasing speed 600 boxes/min
Box Quality requirement 350g/m2
Dimension range(L×W×H) (70-180)×(35-80)×(14-50)mm(L×W×H)
Leaflet Quality requirement 60-70g/m2
Unfolded leaflet specification(L×W) (80-250)mm×(90-170)mm
Fold range 【1-4】Fold
Compressed air Working pressure ≥0.6Mpa
Air consumption 280-320L/min
Power 380V/50Hz
Motor power 15kw
Machine dimension(L×W×H) 5100×1850×2000(L×W×H)
Machine weight 5500kg

Component list

NO. Name Model & Specifications Qty Manufacturer
1 Industrial PC CP3919-0000 1 German Beckhoff
2 Industrial PC C9900-K632 1 German Beckhoff
3 Embedded PC module CX5140-0135 1 German Beckhoff
4 Bus module EL1889 2 German Beckhoff
5 Bus module EL2889 2 German Beckhoff
6 Bus module EK1110 1 German Beckhoff
7 Servo motor AM8122-1F20-0000 2 German Beckhoff
8 Servo motor AM8031-1C20-0000 9 German Beckhoff
9 Servo motor AM8041-1D20-0000 2 German Beckhoff
10 Servo motor AM8042-1E20-0000 4 German Beckhoff
11 Servo motor AM8043-1E20-0000 1 German Beckhoff
12 Servo motor AM8061-1G20-0000 2 German Beckhoff
13 Driver AX5206-0000-0200 4 German Beckhoff
14 Driver AX5203-0000-0200 5 German Beckhoff
15 Bus module EL7211-0010 2 German Beckhoff
16 Bus module EL9576 1 German Beckhoff
17 Switch power ABL 2REM24085K



3 France Schneider
18 Switch power 48V 500W 2 France Schneider
19 Photoelectric switch GTB6-N4212 5 German Sick
20 Name Model & Specifications Qty Manufacturer
21 Photoelectric switch LUTM-UN81162P 1 German Sick
22 Photoelectric switch VTF18-4N1212 1 German Sick
23 Proximity switch IME12-04BN 3 German Sick
24 Proximity switch IME30-20N 1 German Sick
25 Emergency button M22-PV/K01 1 France Schneider
26 Small intermediate relay RXM2LB2BD 24VDC 3 France Schneider
27 Solid state relay MRD-060D4 29 Leader
28 Breaker IC65N C63 3P 1 France Schneider
29 Breaker IC65N C32 3P 3 France Schneider
30 Breaker IC65N C25 3P 1 France Schneider
31 Breaker IC65N C10 1P 5 France Schneider
32 Breaker IC65N C3 1P 2 France Schneider
33 Thermal relay LRN10 1 France Schneider
34 Schneider LC1N1210M5N 1 France Schneider
35 Contactor LC1N50M5N 1 France Schneider
36 Filter Regulator AW30-03E 2 SMC
37 Filter connector ZFC200-08 6 SMC
38 Solenoid valve VP542R-5GD1-03A 6 SMC
39 Vacuum pump 40CBM 1 German Becker
40 Signal indicator XVGB3SMA 24V 1 France Schneider


Packing List

No. Name Specification Unit Qty
1 Automatic Cartoning Machine JDZ-600 SET 1
2 Wire-Cutter 8″ PCS 1
3 Long Nose Pliers 4″ PCS 1
4 Screwdriver Flat blade PCS 1
5 Screwdriver Cruciform PCS 1
6 Inner Hexagon Spanner lengthening PCS 1
7 Movable Spanner 8 Inch PCS 1
8 Movable Spanner 12 Inch PCS 1
9 Open Spanner  8-10 PCS 1
10 Open Spanner 12-14 PCS 1
11 Pressure Oil Can Pressure Oil Can PCS 1
12 Spare parts Spare parts list  

Product Resource: https://www.cartonermachines.com/jdz-600-chinese-highest-cartoning-machine/

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