JDL-550S Full Servo High-Speed Blister-Cartoning Packing Line is designed by our company based on the foreign advanced technology,it is manufactured in strict accordance with the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.


This line adopts advanced artificial intelligence technology and replaces specifications to realize digital input adjustment; synchronous tracking system and conversion specifications automatically adapt to speed ratio matching; precise detection system ensures drug safety. A comprehensive protection system makes the operator safer. The compact and simple design saves space, makes operation and maintenance is more stable and higher.


1.Maximum design production capacity: 550 boards / minute;
2.Computer-to-plate: Graphic realization and self-alignment section;
3.Light and durable mold, simple commissioning operation;
4.Full servo drive system;
5.Punching a triangle, save packaging material;
6.When there is no product or the product is not in place, the machine will idle without pushing the product. When the product is restored to supply, it will automatically run, and the product will automatically stop when it is not in the box;
7.Automatic shutdown without carton, automatic shutdown without leaflet for many times;
8.Secondary detection of leaflet in the box;
9.When compressed air and vacuum negative pressure are too low, stop and alarm;
10.All parts in contact with the drug are made of stainless steel and non-toxic materials, which meet the current “GMP” requirements;
11.Automatic display of packing speed, alarm faults and counts。


Main technical parameters



Air pressure ≥0.6mpa
Air comsumption ≥0.75m3/min
power supply 380V  50HZ
main power 20kw
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 10000㎜×1700㎜×2100㎜
machine weight About 6500kg
Blister packing machine
Output 200-550boards / minute
Forming depth Max. 14 mm
Die-cutting range Max. 180×250(L×W)mm
PVC( thickness x width) (0.25-0.35)×260 mm
PTP(thickness x width) 0.02×260 mm
PVC roll diameter <φ380 mm
PTP roll diameter <φ260 mm
PVC& PTP roll core size φ68~75 mm
Cartoning machine
Max speed 260 cartons/min
Carton Carton material 250-350g/㎡


【Depended on the carton size】

Carton size range



Leaflet leaflet material 60-70g/㎡
Unfolded leaflet size



Folding arrange





Product Resource: https://www.cartonermachines.com/jdl550s-blistering-and-cartoning-machine-in-line/

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