N95 Face Mask Making Machine, Fully Automatic KN95 N95 Mask Machine, N95 Mask Production Line


Main Feature:
1. BLMA mask machines are used for full-automatic folding mask production (typical models like N95 mask).
2. The working process of BLMA N95 Mask Machines are as follows: The multi-layer non-woven fabric rolls are subjected to compound roll welding after feeding. Nasal lines are welded after unrolling and cutting. Two rolls of rubber band are welded after automatically unrolling and cutting to designated length. Then masks are folded in half. After ultrasonic welding and fusion, the masks are rolling-cut and formed. Finally, we get finished N95 masks.
3. The masks produced by BLMA have great filtration effect, perfectly fit face of people and are comfortable to wear without causing any pressure . The masks can be applied to various fields, like medical, electronics, mining, construction, etc. BLMA N95 Mask Machine uses PLC, touch screen control and the main conveyor adopts unidirectional motor transmission, which can achieve precise movement, stable control and adjustable speed

The machine features

1, the use of square frame + aluminum alloy material frame structure, beautiful solid without rust.
2, computer PLC programming control, high stability, low failure rate, less noise.
3, the use of servo motor, stepping motor drive, high precision.
4. Photoelectric testing raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.
5. This equipment adopts segmented frame installation to facilitate loading and unloading in the factory.
6, the machine adopts pulley and fixed feet, easy and fast to move, strong fixation, do not shake.


Model JD-N95
Capacity 35-50pcs/min
Air pressure 3-7kg/cm²
Voltage 380V,50/60Hz
Power 20kw
Dimension L12960 * W2250 * H1920mm
Weight 2800kg


Product Resource: https://www.cartonermachines.com/jd-n95-fully-automatic-n95-face-mask-making-machine/

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