Hydraulic Swing Head Cutting Machine, SLM-1-04

1. Double oil cylinder, precise 4-column automatic balance mechanism, so that cut fault zone within the cutting depth uniformity.
2. Pressure stable, won’t appear continuously or cutting edge phenomenon.
3. Cutting head can be in any position or direction, suitable for large area material continuous operation


Cutting Force Machine Bed Motor Cutting Area Open daylight Net Weight
30TON 2180x1200x1800mm
(Pressing Head 500×500)
3HP 1600x500mm 50-160mm 1900kg
40TON 2230x1420x1800mm
(Pressing Head 600×600)
5HP 1600x610mm 50-160mm 2200kg


Product Resource: https://www.starlinkmachinery.com/product/hydraulic-swing-head-cutting-machine/

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