AXE-G7 3D Scanner

AXE-G7 3D scanner combines the whole advantages and functions of normal handheld 3D scanners.

The biggest breakthrough of AXE-G7 3D laser scanner is to overturn the 3D measurement way for large-volume. It achieves high accuracy scanning for large volumes without an extra device.

AXE 3D laser scanner delivers 3D measurement individually instead of the traditional handheld 3D scanners with photogrammetry system, greatly reducing the cost of device, time and labor.


Type AXE-G7
Laser source 7 red laser crosses +1 extra red laser line
Deep hole scanning Support
Measurement rate 800,000 measurements/s
Laser class CLASS Ⅱ(eye-safe)
Resolution 0.100 mm
Accuracy 0.020 mm
Volumetric accuracy
(without extra device)
0.02 mm + 0.035 mm/m
Scanning area Up to 550 mm × 500 mm
Scanning area (photogrammetry) 2500 mm × 3000 mm
Stand-off distance 300 mm
Depth of field 500 mm
Depth of field (photogrammetry) 2500 mm
Output formats .ply, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .asc, .stl or customized
Operating temperature range -10°C ~ 40℃
Interface mode USB 3.0
Patents CN204329903U, CN104501740B, CN104165600B, CN204988183U, CN204854633U, CN204944431U, CN204902788U, CN105068384B, CN105049664B, CN204902784U, CN204963812U, CN204902785U, CN204902790U, CN106403845B, CN209197685U, CN209263911U, CN206905709U, CN107202554B, US20200225030A1, US10309770B2, KR102096806B1


How extreme volumetric accuracy come out?


How to enhance 3D measuring efficiency

Time and cost is essentially important in industrial 3D measurement.
The big strength of AXE is based on an efficiency boost.

Why is AXE time- saving?

AXE 3D scanner only requires half quantity of stickers than normal handheld 3D scanners, and the work time saves a lot in dealing with stickers when scanning large workpieces.

Wider scan area, faster measuring

Double scan area acquires 3D scanning data faster.

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