Automatic 9-Pincer Toe Lasting Machine, SLM-3-02

The pressure and speed of 9 Pincer Toe Lasting Machine, SLM-3-02 each organ are adjusted outside, there are meters to show, make operation accurate and convenient.


  1. The pressure and speed of the machine element are adjusted outside, operated accurately and conveniently.
  2. Almighty constrictive device and special track of sweeping knife, after sticking upper, ensure upper smooth and stick closely, not having cusp, ensure the quality.
  3. The shoe head pressing element adopt adjustable two phases of pressure, make sticking upper process and the final pressing be up to the best result.
  4. The new type of brace table synchronous falling function, dismantle paw easily and quickly.
  5. The brace table has intelligent buffer function, reduce shoe upper damage very well.
  6. Paw plate shoe size adjusted automatically on synchrony, prevent to have cusp from cloth.
  7. Every gang of paws have adjustable foot pulling down and hand pulling down function, make shoe surface tension even, modify shoe upper good result.
  8. The machine has “cross” lamp projecting device, it is good to rectify shoe toe
Automatic 9-Pincer Toe Lasting Machine SLM-3-02
Dimensions 1810*1000*1950 mm
Packing Dimensions 1920*1030*2120 mm
Production 3000 pairs/8h
Weight 1300 kg
Pressure 50 kgs/m²
Power 2 HP
Electric Heat 1 KW
Hydraulic Oil 115 KG

NOTE: The product specification&model is subject to actual contract or quotation if any update.

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