AirGO completely breaks through traditional 3D scanning methods and gets free from PC and cables. It can display 3D model directly on hand and truly perform efficiently as well as flexible 3D measurement.

AirGO integrates calculation, display and power supply. It replaces PC to calculate scan data, display 3D model individually and supply power for 3D scanners.

In order to more quickly calculate and analyze massive scanning data, AirGO also supports wireless transmission with PC.


Type AirGO
Working Mode Intelligent mode Standard mode
Software ScanViewer (intelligent) ScanViewer (standard)
Dimensions 190×150×50 mm
Weight 0.98 kg
Display 5.5″
Screen resolution 1920×1080
Battery 19400 mAh
Battery life Standby 6 hours/ scan 2 hours (support two batteries)
Support Series HSCAN Series;PRINCE series;AXE series
Patent CN209327898U


Unlimited scanning

Get rid of cables to deliver unlimited range measurement

Real-time guidance

Real-time feedback on 5.5’’ HD display to conduct scanning

Wireless transmission

Massive scanning data can wireless transmit to PC to get a quicker analysis

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