Air & Water Membrane


With independent intellectual property rights, Statec series Air & Water Mixture UF Membrane is an unique product in the world that applies to the raw water with high suspended substance and high turbidity. The feed turbidity into the system is as wide as 2,000 NTU, while the turbidity of product water is less than 0.3 NTU.



Unique structure design: The double-layer casting top and the free bottom reduce the damage of water flushing to the fiber, improve the pollution carrying capacity greatly, and prevent the contaminant gathering.


Reasonable hydrodynamic layout and water feeding pattern make the filtration, air flushing and rejected water discharging work together, reduce flux attenuation caused by pollution, and extend service life.



  • Tap water treatment-Sea water desalination pretreatment
  • Reuse of recycled water
  • Sewage treatmen
  • Seawater and special breeding
  • Industrial circulating water and industrial andmining enterprises process water treatment
  • Car washing and washing waste water treatment
  • Comprehensive utilization of rainwater
  • Integrated water supply for troop, disasterrescue and emergency



Pretreatment : No need of clarification, sand filter, cartridge filter/self-cleaning filter

Occupied area: 1/4 of traditional treatment

Investment: 1/2 of traditional treatment

Construction time and cost: 1/3 of traditional treatment

Feed water: ≤1500NTU; TSS≤300mg/L

Traditional method: Water intake→softening tank→coagulation sedimentation →clarification tank→ filter tank→UF system →clean water tank– SWRO


Air & water mixture UF membrane technology: Water intake–softening tank –Self-cleaning filter — UF system –cleaning water tank –SWRO

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