25KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine (Separated type)



Rated Power Output:25KW

Frequency Range:30-80KHz


What is 25KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine (Separated type) Advantages?

 -Thermal stability well : according to the using conditions of graphite crucible snap heat and cold.

– The high-frequency induction heating machine adopts IGBT power amplifier, soft-switching resonance dual control and frequency automatic tracking system. The constant current and power control functions of high-frequency induction heating equipment greatly optimize the metal heating process.

– High-frequency induction heating machine, under the same conditions, has 50% less electricity than traditional high-frequency tube heating equipment, without high-frequency radiation or interference. Reduced electric load and electric capacity increase, with 100% full load design, high-frequency induction heating machine can work continuously for 24 hours.

– The high-frequency induction heating machine has three functions of automatic heating, heat preservation and cooling, which is beneficial to improve the heating quality of the high-frequency induction heating machine and simplify the manual operation. The power supply of high frequency induction heating machine can be selected according to the power and frequency. The higher the frequency it has, the shallower the heating depth, and the lower the frequency, the better the heat permeability.

25KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine (Separated type)
Model KX-5188A25S
Rated Power Output 25KW
Frequency Range 30-80KHz
Single Phase Input Three Phase 380V/50Hz
Current Range Three Phase 2-35A
Volume (mm³) 670*280*500



Net Weight 44KG
Gross Weight 55KG
Cooling Water Flow Hydraulic Pressure≧0.2MPa;Flow Rate: 5-20L/Min
Cooling Water Temperature ≤40℃
Water Connection 1 inlet and 1 outlet
Packing Method Wooden Box


Product Resource: https://www.hfinductionheater.com/25kw-high-frequency-induction-welding-machine-separated-type/

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