15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace



Rated Power Output:15KW

Frequency Range:1-20KHz


What is 15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace Advantages?

 -Induction Melting Furnacehas wide frequency range from 1KHZ to 20KHZ, which can be adjusted according to the specific size of the workpiece or the depth of heating, with large range of adaptation. Considering the melting capacity, electromagnetic stirring, heating efficiency, noise and other factors to design an induction loop and matching compensation capacitor so that to determine the size of the output frequency.

– With traditional medium frequency parallel-oscillating structure, induction melting furnaceis simple load matching, high efficiency and high utilization of equipment.

– Reverse process, which makes reliability increased greatly under the state of large power, and which makes the device developed greatly in high-power field so that to realize the 100% load.

– High efficiency energy-saving. With the whole power range, high power factor and power efficiency, compare to silicon controlled medium frequency, it can save at least 20% energy.

– Induction melting furnace is small size, light weight, completed models, and there is a large range to choose. It not only can be used in industrial production, but also available in small melting test in school institute.

– Commonly used for melting steel, stainless steel, copper, gold, silver and other materials. There is a wide range of melting capacity, from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms.Besides,  This induction melting furnace not only can be used in industrial production, but also available in small melting in school inst

– Medium Frequency melting furnace has a good performance in electromagnetic stirring, which can evenly melting the metal in temperature and structure aspect.Also, it is conducive to scum, reduce impurities.

– Compare to silicon controlled medium frequency, it can save at least 20% energy.

Description of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

The development of the medium frequency induction furnace and its superiority has injected new vitality into the casting production. Also, the medium frequency furnace has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency and favorable environment. As a result, the advantages make it a rapid replacement for coal-fired furnaces, gas furnaces, oil-fired furnaces and ordinary resistance furnaces.

It is a new generation of metal heating equipment. The medium frequency induction melting furnace has high electrical efficiency and thermal efficiency, short melting time, less power consumption, less land occupation, lower investment, flexible production and easy implementation of process automation. Comparing to other cast iron melting furnaces, it has attracting remarkable development in recent years and is widely used in cast iron production.


15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace Detail

1.Medium frequency melting induction furnace has excellent protections, with over-voltage, over-current, overheatingand lack of water function.

2.It is light weight with fast heating and high efficiency.

3.Special power saving, saving about 60% with the load power compare to traditional the tubemachine.

4.Induction melting furnace is easy and install, suitable for all kinds of occasions where metal heating is required.


15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace
Model KXZ-15
Rated Power Output 15KW
Frequency Range 1-20KHz
Input Power Three Phase 380V±20% 50/60Hz
Output Current 3-22A
Output Voltage 70-550V
Load Continuing Rate 100% Continuing work in 24h
Cooling Water Temperature ≤40℃
Water Connection 1 inlet and 1 outlet
Packing Method Wooden Box
Application Available for various heating treatment, melting, forging, welding, brazing, hardening, etc.


Product Resource: https://www.hfinductionheater.com/15kw-medium-frequency-induction-melting-furnace/

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