Tens Sleeping Aid Eye Mask Smart Relieve Insomnia Instrument Help Sleep Anxiety Therapy Relaxed Pressure Relief

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Brand Name: MERALL

Type: Eyeshade

Eyeshade Type: Other

Origin: Mainland China

Work Mode: Eye Cover

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Item Type: Sleep & Snoring

Funtion 1: Sleeping Aid Device

Funtion 2: Insomnia Instrument

Funtion 3: Help Sleep Night

Funtion 4: Anxiety Therap

Funtion 5: Relax Pressure

Funtion 6: Anti-Fatigue

Funtion 7: Relief Sleep Device

1. This sleep instrument uses TENS micro-current to help you fall asleep easily and quickly, reduce stress and get better sleep quality.

2. Pure physical improvement of sleep quality, non-drugs, no chemicals added, no side effects, no dependence, no harm to the body.

3. It is very suitable for people who are stressed, easily anxious and depressed, have difficulty falling asleep and easily wake up in the middle of the night.

The main function of the smart sleep instrument is to help insomnia. It is a safe and effective health device worn on the user's forehead. It uses external trigeminal nerve electrical stimulation (TENS) technique to activate endogenous morphine-generating polypeptidyne neurons in the brain and induce analgesic effects from the release of endogenous morphine-like peptides for the prevention and treatment of primary migraine.
By sending low-frequency pulses of a specific frequency to the target area of the brain responsible for endorphin release, the smart sleep instrument performs neuromodulation and reaches the higher center of the cerebral cortex through the supracomtrum nerve, they will regulate signals from various biological and physical channels, activate the human endorphin system, and help the body restore sleep function.​

Studies have shown that insomnia is one of the common symptoms positively associated with migraines, and for patients who experience both symptoms, relief from migraines can also improve sleep patterns, thereby reducing insomnia. Smart sleep instrument compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, it does not contain any chemical components, pure physical therapy, without any toxic side effects, experts recommend frequent migraine insomnia patients long-term use, will be able to reduce the use of drugs, improve the quality of life of patients.​

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